Over 30 years as a business leader, board director, and high-end advisor

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Most leaders spend their days chopping wood.

We help them sharpen their axes.


Great strategies have three essential characteristics.

We help leaders create them.


Three principles unlock bigger, faster, better innovation.

We help leaders put them into practice.


The best organizations operate as one and many at the same time.

We help leaders make that happen.


Leaders want expert advice that’s actionable and truly independent.

No one comes closer to it than we.


High-touch, highly-tailored engagements


Zero-notice cancellation policy


Deep roster of clients who are happy to share their experience


Unique Combination:

Rich Experience

Over 25 chief executives of great companies 

Dozens of business leaders, executive teams, and corporate boards

Wide range of industries, companies, and countries

Deep Expertise

In strategy, innovation, and organization

As a business leader, board director, and high-end advisor

World-Class Network

Business Leaders, Experts, Consultants, Researchers

Companies, Institutes, Universities

Published Thought Leadership

Strategy, Innovation, Organization

Strategy+Business, Harvard Business Review, Forbes.com

The Three Tensions (Jossey-Bass, 2007)

True Independence

No institutional agenda or conflicts

No bureaucratic demands or constraints

Only interest is client's interest


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